Gold Point Ghost Town, Gold Point Nevada

Gold Point Gleamings Newsletter



Well it's that time again for another newsletter that promises not to be short on words or fun filled information. An awesome amount of things and stuff has happened since the last one so let's get started.

Back in April we had a visit from a group of girls and their professor from Central Arkansas University. I wasn't here but Pat mentioned they were "girls gone wild in Gold Point". They were here on a field trip during spring break. They said we had an area East of Gold Point that had Salter Ella fossils. Don't know if I spelled that correctly but rock hounds should know what I mean. They looked like very small cylindrical cones. Wish I could tell you more about the fossils and the girls but you'll have to see Pat here in person for that "story".

We also had another visit from the WIN group. W-I-N is Wondering Individuals Network. They are a large network of singles that keep in touch thru the internet and roam the U.S. in their motor homes or vans meeting for a few days here and there. They are a fun group and have promised to return in October.

Pat has pretty much completed the sprucing up of the old Senator Wiley home where he lives. He is putting the finishing touches on the bathroom now. He completed caulking and painting the kitchen, bedroom and pantry. He completely tore out the old fiber board walls in the bathroom and re-did the walls in 1 x 4 spruce tongue and groove. The old floor was replaced also because it was rotten around the toilet. The toilet was also replaced with one that actually flushes number 2 and toilet paper down the first time. He has to replace a couple of sheets of plywood in the bedroom that have fallen apart due to a water leak which we hope we have fixed.

It has made an immense difference in the looks of the old 100 year old home. Funny thing is that our good friends Mark and Heidi who have been coming up here for at least 15 years now didn't notice that all the cracks were caulked and the walls newly painted throughout the house. It was no surprise that Mark, a man, didn't recognize the face lift, but Heidi!!!? For the first half of those 15 years she was always asking when we were going to paint the place and then didn't notice when we did. Guys out there, what does that tell you about women! I'm not giving you the answer cause I'm sure you can come up with one. Pat and I gave her a bad time about it and won't let her forget it.

Sandra, aka Judge Red Dog Lil, (Now a kinder looking Rev. Red Dog Lil) has performed two weddings since the last newsletter. The first one in April was for our friend Cindy's daughter Courtney and her loving mate Steven. Cindy is a very good friend of Gold Point. She helps out very much around here as museum curator, party helper, computer poster maker, except the next Wiley Day poster cause she didn't have time, etc and etc.

It was a very well organized wedding with outrageously good food. I especially liked the prime rib that was perfectly done. Cindy and her friends decorated the saloon beautifully for the 60 or so guests. Most were all dressed up very fancy wancy in tuxedos and dresses.

 Of course, you won't catch Sheriff Stone in one of those monkey suits even when I'm laid to rest in my coffin!!! It was a little nerve racking for Steven for a while, because Courtney was almost 2 hours late. It was all a misunderstanding between mom and daughter. Mom told her to take her time. Boy did she ever. Sheriff Stone almost had to round up a posse and track her down. We calmed Steven down with Dr. Jack Daniels until the bride showed up. Then the wedding went on as planned, tears and all. Now they are living in Tonopah happily ever after.

The second wedding was just this last weekend. This one was done old western style. A lot were dressed in old west costumes for the wedding skit. Kathlyn and Mike were the lucky couple. They had around 90 guests up here in the middle of nowhere. A few of them on the grooms side suffered a little culture shock I was told. They all lived through it and the rest were pleasantly surprised how much fun you can have in a ghost town.

There was an added kick for this wedding to make it famous and memorable.
A film company from Vancouver, Canada came to film it for an upcoming TV show called, are you ready for this, "Weird Weddings". It's a show about weddings in weird and unusual places. I'm still trying to figure what they found weird about Gold Point. I find it very normal! Some find it abby normal I guess.

So what if we still have wooden outhouses, no running water to town, no phone or TV or internet access unless you have a satellite, or have to drive 60 miles for groceries, or even a brothel just down the road. I find it to be Paradise!!! It should air in Canada in October and hopefully in the U.S. next year on the discovery channel. After it's first airing we will receive a copy of the show. They took hours of film so they can pick the best 11 minutes for the world to see. It might even drum up some more weddings for Reverend Red Dog Lil.

I know you don't want to wait a year to see it so I'll briefly tell you the wedding skit... Kathlyn in her wedding dress accompanied by Kurt, her daddy, and his shotgun, enter town looking for the low down hombre that left his daughter at the alter in Virginia City.

They stopped Red Dog Lil, just coming out of Sally's Bordello to get a drink for a customer, and asked her the whereabouts of the Sheriff, yours truly of course. I was having a libation in the saloon.

Daddy showed Sheriff Stone the wanted poster of the scoundrel. We gathered a large posse and told the bride to wait in the saloon while we searched Gold Point. We looked high and low, far (well not too far) and near, over and under all over Gold Point. Totally exhausted and dying of thirst from searching for almost 5 minutes we found ourselves back in the saloon wanting to quench our parched throats with some Red Eye.

Just then, Red Dog Lil came back in for another drink for her customer at Sally's. We showed her the wanted poster. She screamed that he was in Sally's right now, and the drink was for him.

So all of us busted into Sally's and kicked out all the girls. I told one of the good look'n ones I'd be back later after this business was finished. Mike put up a big fight but could not win against a room full of deputies. Soon he was handcuffed and escorted out the door with daddy's shotgun in his back.

Down the rickety board walk, past the other cribs we slowly moved towards the gallows. Up the stairs he was pushed and prodded till he was under the big frame and a very scratchy noose was put around his scrawny little neck.

Daddy gave him a choice. Either marry his daughter or hang. He thought for a short time and wisely chose marriage. Then Kathlyn and Red Dog and the whole wedding party came up to the top of the gallows and they got hitched. Bird seed was thrown at the newlyweds as they came down the steps and walked across the street to the saloon. Then the party got into full swing.

They had organized games and contests. The Kingston Canyon Band played great music. Pat and Mindy B-B-Qed 8 different kinds of meats. Carl turned out some great Freedom Fries, he should cause I taught him everything he knows.

Theresa, Carl's wife, and Tracy were helping everywhere else. Jodi, on loan from Rick and Linda who have the Iron Horse Saloon in Tonopah, was bartender and Jo Ellen, from Goldfield, was bartender and general back up where needed.

Cindy supplied a few of the costumes worn by some of the Ladies of the Night. Jim, Cindy's boyfriend was game warden. Without Jim out here to help there would not be very many games if any during these parties. He is a tireless entertainer and commentator and deserves a big applause. Get ready, set, now---yippee, yahoo, hurrah for Jim, clap clap clap--ok that was great.

Jim and Cindy would have stayed longer but they had to get to Vegas for a 10 hour shift at the hospital emergency room. They have completed their EMT training and are the newest in Goldfield . We consider them part of the Gold Point Volunteer Fire Department also. They are usually here during large crowds and would provide a great service if, God forbid, anyone should need it. It was a fun wedding and we look forward to the next one someday.

Well, on to something else. Oh, by the way. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is going to be a long, long newsletter. That's because so much has happened in the last 3 weeks. You might want to fix yourself a drink now or make some popcorn.

The Radkie house is now available to stay in. After a ton of money and 1 year it is now 97% complete. It just needs some gingerbread like a couple of curtains and pictures hung on the wall. It came out beautiful. It's the best lookin building in Gold Point. On the inside that is...

The bathroom is large and has a claw foot tub. Walt still has to get the shower parts for it but you can still soak yourself clean. All 3 three rooms and the bathroom have carpet. We have 1 x 4 tongue and groove spruce wainscot in all rooms. Above it we have wallpaper that looks like logs in a log cabin. Dan & Diane donated a very old wrought iron bed. We are going to donate something back to them in exchange. Dan was also instrumental in the cabin because he loaned us a lot of the power tools such as his air compressor and air gun to do the wood work. Dan, a retired contractor and our neighbor, does more than you know to help us out in our projects and Gold Point.

There is a futon in the living room along with a small caboose wood stove.




There is a big counter in the dining room. Walt took two old 2 x 10 inch boards and nailed them on top of the cabinets. Then he put layer upon layer of clear sealer on them.

We still have to get a small refrigerator and microwave for it.

A lot of people put their time into it. Mike from Pahrump did most of the rough plumbing. Pat installed most of the wainscot. Walt did numerous amount of small projects. Even I had a hand in it doing paint and wallpaper.

But I think a real big thank you goes to Digger (John) from Goldfield for a lot of work most of us can't or couldn't do. He either helped or put up most of the drywall, framing, taping and topping, insulating, roofing and numerous odds and ends. I'd take my hat off to him but then you'd all be blinded from the reflection from my head so I'll just say thank you very much John.

By the way, Alan, our webmaster, and his wife Helene, spent the weekend in it. He took several pictures inside and out and has put them on the website for us. To see more of them & to Zoom in, go to the accommodations page.

Ron, of Bishop, California, came over a couple of times and donated his time to go through all the boxes of letters in the attic of the Post Office. He and his friend, whose name at this time escapes me, separated letters and historical correspondence from greeting cards. He then brought some large frames out and made a very nice display of some of the more interesting ones. We even made one to give away at the chili cook-off raffle. He also chose some envelopes with interesting stamps on them for his collection and made a donation of cash for them. Thank you Ron.

While we are on donations lets mention all of them. Mike from Fish Lake Valley donated the Model 94 Winchester 30-30 Rifle for the grand prize in the Chili cook-off raffle.

John Wolfrey donated to the museum a 1940 Zenith radio.

Robert & Ann Johnson of Beatty donated a Savage Model 99 22 Hornet Rifle dated early last century.

Keith Anderly of Goldfield donated 3 bags of fireworks for our show next month. One was called the Hustler. The balls were all numbered and looked like pools balls and the two pool sticks were roman candles. This will be kept in the saloon/museum for all time.

Bob Cushman of Pahrump donated a very old F & E Hedman Company check protector.

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know and I'll write it down and put it in the next newsletter.

I've got to take a break now. Nature calls and I'm thirsty. I'll be right back- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - --.

Wow, that was a longer break than I wanted. Sorry to have to make you wait!!!!

I was just talking to Dan, our assistant fire chief, and Mike, our mechanic, about the
LaFrance fire truck. Mike was able to get the truck up and running for the chili cook-off including lights and siren. With the money we raised, I'll talk about that later, he is now going to finish it and get the water to pump through the hoses we don't have yet. He is going to replace all the bearings and some seals on the PTO transfer case that runs the pump. After a visual inspection he showed me that everything was very loose. We've ordered the parts from Bishop and they will be delivered next week. Then he will install them and we'll see what happens. That will be another story for the next newsletter. I must say he's done a fine job so far. It's in top running condition.

Let's mention a few of the improvements in the party zone.

Walt and Pat put in a large electrical line to McStone's so we won't be blowing breakers anymore. But I'm sure I'll find some more stuff to plug in and overload them again.

They also buried a hard pipe line for the propane to McStones from the large 300 gallon tank. No more 20 gallon tanks that run out while were cooking anymore.

Walt also picked up three 12' x 20' awnings to shade the band and the party goers. They worked out great. We put the picnic tables under them and everyone was very comfy during the day while they were being entertained by the two Bluegrass Bands.

Next year we're going to pick up another one and build two more picnic tables.

To help out Chef Boy-R-Pat we bought him two more smokers. Now he has 4 to fill and get the job done quicker and easier.

Jim and Pat totally rebuilt the metal awning over the bar-b-que area making it a lot better and stronger. A while ago a little twister came up and lifted it up into the air and turned it 180 degrees and slammed it back on the ground again several feet away.

We have a new friend of Gold Point who has been a great asset. His name is Jim from Tonopah. He works out at the test site and is a maintenance man of kitchen and refrigeration equipment. He is Moose's, a fellow paperhanger friend's, father-in-law. He graciously donated his time to come out and fix the problem with our fryers and ice machine. It took him just a couple of minutes to figure out that the only thing wrong with our ice machine was a loose set screw. The problem with the fryers was the propane pressure coming to them. He also said we have to change our new half inch propane line to a 1 inch line. We have the pressure but not the volume.

We put in (or is it put out) an outside sink for washing and Jim rebuilt the outhouses. He put up more boards around the outside and replaced both seats.

Wade Barton and his friend, again I can't remember his name either, brought and set up scaffolding and repainted the letters on the front of the saloon. Now you can look up and read "Hornsilver Townsite and Telephone Co." First painted in 1908. He did them in a deep green. He showed up two days before the party and knocked it out for us in one day. If anyone needs a sign painter we highly recommend him. You can reach him at

Wow!!! By now your wondering where the end is. We have two more small items to talk about before we get into the chili cook-off weekend.

Remember the book Ghost Towns of the American West, which featured Gold Point among many others, written by Mario and photos by Berthold? Well, if you're interested in a very fine book with 80 color photos then just e-mail me and I'll send you a page with all kinds of info and how and where to get a copy. It's a must for any coffee table and makes a great present to anyone young or old.

Ok, the long awaited book on Gold Point is at the printers. Now available in the Gold Point Mercantile Alan Patera, the author, will be here July 4th weekend for the initial release of the book and will sign the book for you. If you can't make it here during that weekend you can send us money for the book, plus shipping costs, and we'll get it to you. I'll make sure he signs it for you if you can't be here. The price is $15.00. All those interested in a book should e-mail me so I can tell him how many to bring out. It is 84 pages of facts and pictures.

Ok, now let's talk about the chili cook-off and everything that happened during it.

Well, people started rolling in Friday afternoon to spend the weekend. Goldrush, the country duo, started playing early Friday evening in the saloon. They were the only entertainment that night. We had more of a crowd this year on Friday than last year so that was a sign of things to come.

The two bluegrass bands arrived also on Friday. They were all rested up for Saturday morning.

We served breakfast at 9 a.m. We expanded our breakfast menu this year but kept the price of $7.00 for all you can eat the same. This year we served fried taters, loaded with bell peppers and onions and spiced with garlic powder, season salt and pepper, scrambled eggs, Krusteaz pancakes using Natural Ice beer instead of water and bacon.

The extra items were little smokies, sausage patties, bratwurst and fruit cocktail. Orange juice and coffee also came with the meal to wash down the gastronomical buffet.

This is now the official breakfast at all three major holiday parties at Gold Point. Let's not forget that all the breakfast cooks drink Boone's Farm Blackberry Ridge beer for a thirst quencher. The cooks were Sheriff Stone, Mark, Dee, Pat and Heidi. Other helpers were Tracy and Scott Sr.

Sometimes we run out and have to drink a pitcher of an alcoholic concoction we call "15". That's a pitcher filled with ice first. Then you turn a bottle of Seagram's 7 whiskey upside down and count to "15". Then add diet 7-up (we do watch our figures up here) to the top. Top all of this with a couple of counts of grenadine and bingo you have a "15". I've heard some blondes call this a 7 and 7. LOL.

We had the
two bluegrass bands start at 11 a.m. Blue Diamond Highway was back again and Stuck in Reverse was here for the first time. Remember those big awnings I talked about earlier? Well, the bands played outside along the side of the saloon under one. The crowd sat opposite of them under the other 2. This worked out so well as opposed to last year when they played inside the warm and crowded saloon. Everyone was very comfortable.

We haven't seen Blue Diamond for 9 months and it was evident they have gained experience and expanded their show. Little Sara's (the fiddle player) voice has gained more control. JB's new thing is a remote transmitter which allows him to wander through the crowd with his Mandolin allowing them to see his little fingers move up close and personal. The whole band, Mike, Lisa and Amy, were just outstanding.

Their friends, Stuck in Reverse consisted of 5 members. We have Peggy on the rhythm guitar, Preston on fiddle, Danny on mandolin, Ray on the banjo and Jan on the Stand up bass. They had a completely different show and sound from Blue Diamond to keep the crowd riveted. I wish I had a chance to sit and listen to them more because I really liked their sound.

Both Saturday and Sunday the two bands played from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. The masses liked the bluegrass so much that next year it was suggested that we add a third bluegrass band. So I asked Mike, from Blue Diamond, to look for a third one. Next year we will start the music at 9 a.m. or earlier so you can have music with your breakfast.

About noon or so we had a surprise for Mark, a friend of ours. I had cahooted with his wife, Linda, to have them re-married by Reverend Red Dog Lil. They have been married for over 11 years and always talked about remarrying someday. Well the day and time had come. They almost got re-hitched last year in Virginia City but for some reason didn't. It took ol' Sheriff Stone to get things done proper and legal.

We don't have time to tell you everything so I'll give you the readers digest version.

She had told me that Mark, during one of their romantic evenings, mentioned that if he could, he would have liked to have been Wyatt Earp and marry her as Josephine. With that information we scripted out a skit.

Right after a photo shoot, staged for him, we all arrested him and threw him in jail.

He was brought to court in the saloon where he was put on trial for marrying under a false name-Mark Evon. We even printed out wanted posters and posted them around town.

Since I had seen Judge Roy Bean in action I was qualified to be the "prostituting" attorney. Sam Al Amode, Pat, knew him for many years so he was the defending attorney.

Josephine was the main witness of course. Other witnesses were Laudanum Lou (Sharon, the brides maid), Heidi, Dee, and Scott.

He was found guilty and sentenced to re-marry under his proper name, Wyatt Earp.
Sheriff Stone wins again!!!

He was lead out of the courtroom towards the gallows where Josephine, Nick (their son and best man) Sharon and Reverend Red Dog Lil were waiting. We even laid out a long sheet of green plastic so he could walk the Green Mile for the last time.

The ceremony was great and you could tell they were both kind of emotional and touched. Sheriff Stone has a habit of touching people you know.

Afterwards we opened two cases of Boone's Farm Blackberry Ridge beer. Later they had their wedding cupcakes. I was told by Wyatt that he would never forget what Sheriff Stone had did for him and he would someday "pay" me back. Don't know what he was talking about cause I've yet to see any money!

Right after the ceremony Pat, aka Sam al Amode, started the smokers up and then the Bar B Que. His main helper was Moose, my paper hanging friend.

Dinner, or is it supper, was served around 5 p.m.
For $10 you got all you could eat Freedom Fries, Pat's famous macaroni salad, green beans, corn and baked beans. As for the meats, you had a gastronomical 8 different kinds. Bratwurst, smoked sausage, rib eye steak, pork tri tip with Bar B Que sauce, spice rubbed pork loin, homemade teriyaki marinated beef tri tip, and pork ribs and chicken marinated in Uncle Tom's homemade marinade.

This monster buffet was served both Saturday and Sunday.

After 6 p.m. the Kingston Canyon Band started up in the saloon. They took turns all night long with Goldrush. The saloon bounced and rocked all night long both Saturday and Sunday nights. We served up a lot of hangovers both nights. Each morning after, found the bartenders serving up lots of bloody Mary's for breakfast.

Then came Sunday morning. Too soon for some I'm sure. This was the day of the big chili contest. This year we had 21 entries. 6 more than last year. We were told that this was a very good turnout for our 2nd year.

We had a meeting of the contestants at 11 a.m. Among other things it was unanimously voted that we increase the entry fee next year to $35. Adding $5 to the prize fund and the other $5 for a Gold Point t-shirt.

At high noon we had an emotional flag ceremony to kick things off. Fred from Beatty brought up his very large flag. We opened it up to the song Battle Hymn of the Republic. Everyone who could, grabbed a piece of America to hold. Sheriff Stone kept the speeches to a minimum.

We had two Ragged Old Flags flying on the pole and in honor of them we played Johnny Cash's Ragged Old Flag song.

As promised, it was time to raise Bob Rude's flag. He was a WW2 veteran and resident of Gold Point who passed away this last March. Our intention was to raise the flag for Bob and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

From the crowd, we had 4 veterans from the different branches of the services represented. We had Ron, from Tonopah, a Marine. Gordie, also from Tonopah, Army. Digger, from Goldfield, a Navy man. Last but not least Spike (Paul), from Las Vegas representing the Air Force.

Sheriff Stone handed over the flag to them and they went to the flag pole. Playing Retreat on the sound system they lowered and folded the two Ragged Old Flags.

With the music Tattoo playing they raised the new flag.

Echo Taps was played as they lowered it to half mast. After which we had a 21 gun salute. Where at that time, the bag pipes played Amazing Grace.

Old Glory was then raised to the top of the pole and Lee Ann Rimes sang the National Anthem.

Moe Bandy sang Americana as the large flag was folded back up.

Afterward we auctioned off the two Ragged Old Flags to the highest bidder. The proceeds going to the Gold Point Volunteer Fire Department. Along with the two flags, the winners would receive the original copy of the music sound track of all 8 songs we played, a video of the flag ceremony, an 11 x 14 photo of the flags being lowered and a framed certificate signed by me and notarized by Red Dog Lil that these two flags were flown over the Gold Point Post Office until being lowered at this ceremony. The winners of this auction were Jack and Dee of Goldfield for $400.00

Then Jane of Las Vegas said she would donate $100 to the fire department for a video copy of the flag ceremony. Done deal.

I then donated for auction my motorcycle I never use. Jane's husband Mike was high bidder at $280.

In a very short while it was time for the chili contest.

We had picked Ben-Booooooom, our County Commissioner, James, Al, Scott Sr., Kathy, Kristy and Dee as judges this year. Each year we have different judges.

We collected a bowl from each of the contestants and put them in a big circle on a big board on the old pool table in the saloon for the judges to sample and choose the best three. I was told that next year I should have a good supply of Tums on hand.

The people, after paying $5 and receiving their badges, (yes, you need those stinking badges here) went around and tasted all the different kinds of chili before picking their favorite and voting for them. For a mere $5 you got over 30 ounces of chili. Not a bad lunch is it?

There was a few shoot-outs throughout the weekend and lots of games. Jimmy J. Joe Bob the game warden was of course in charge. He put together the Brothel bed races, pool and shuffleboard tournament and his favorite--the Maverick Poker Tournament. By the way, we have to give a big thanks to pardner Walt for welding together, with help from his friends, the beds for the race. We didn't realize till that morning that the rails didn't fit the bed frames. It was an oversight by Sheriff Stone. I never checked ahead of time to see if they went together. They were hanging for the last 20 years together in the garage and I assumed they were two separate sets. Big mistake!!!

The bed races were a real big hit and will be held at all the parties now. Four Johns on each corner with a Jill on the mattress and with the sound of a gunshot the two teams were off and running. These beds flew down the dirt street like the wind. One team unable to stop quick enough bounced right off the fire truck.

The Maverick Poker Tournament was won on Saturday night by
John, Joanie's (of Goldrush) son.
Carolyn of Goldfield won Sunday nights tournament beating out Dee, her mother, for a jackpot of over 200 dollars, of which she donated back one hundred dollars to the Fire Department, thank you Carolyn for your generosity.

5 p.m. Sunday was the time to announce the
winners of the chili contest. Can I have the envelope please???

1st place in people's choice was--The Amagoso Toads
2nd place was--------------------------------Oasis Products
3rd place was---------------------------------Louie Hicks
These three contestants all received trophies and prizes for their culinary skills.

1st place in judging went to Dee Adams of Goldfield
2nd place went to-----------------The Bus People also from Goldfield
3rd place went to------------------Rosemary O'Gorman of Truckee. This is my sister and last years first place winner from people's choice.

All of these fine cooks received trophies and cash.

Remember next year $20 out of the $35 entry fee goes into the prize fund. We are also adding another trophy for 4th place in both categories. As this event grows so does everything else. I hope to make the 1st place trophy larger next year than this years 30 inch tall one.

Now to the raffle... I would like to thank all the businesses and people from Goldfield and Tonopah and everywhere else who donated 111 prizes to this years Fire Department Fund Raiser.

Throughout the weekend we picked tickets and gave away prize after prize. All of this leading up to the two grand prizes Sunday night.

The Wurlitzer Organ, donated by Pat, was the 2nd grand prize and was won by Joseph and Lisa of Tonopah.

The Winchester 30-30 rifle, donated by Mike of Fish Lake Valley, was won by Cindy Hicks. From now on we'll call her Annie Oakley.

I'm sure you're all wondering how much the Gold Point Volunteer Fire Department collected this weekend huh? Well thanks to all the wonderful and generous people that showed up we raised 3 times more than last year. Our total was $4,471.00. This was an overwhelming surprise to all of us. We will now be able to get the La France pumping water by the Fourth of July Celebration time. A great big THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen.

That night around 8, we found a wild and mad Indian with a little Indian girl roaming the saloon lookin for the man who left his daughter, Missy, for a drink and forget to come back to get married. Jim, the wild Indian, pointed out the bad boy and a bunch of us surrounded him with guns and handcuffed him. We then led him to the stage where he actually re-married Missy, his wife of almost 11 years. We then had another wedding dessert to eat. Sandy, aka Red Dog Lil, decorated it with a ball and chain.
Thus Reverend Red Dog Lil performed two re-marriages this weekend.

That night in the saloon found a packed house till after midnight partying.

The next morning, Monday, around 11 a.m. we had around two dozen or so model-T Fords show up. The year of vintage was around 1909 to 1926. They were on their way from California to the Ford Motor Company back in Dearborn, Michigan to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the company. What a sight to see them all lined up on Gold Street from the Post Office to the saloon. The last time that many model-T's were in Gold Point they were probably all new.

It's now time to say thank you to all who made this event possible. If I have overlooked anyone who deserves a thank you or an honorable mention, it wasn't for any reason other than I humbly forgot. If you e-mail me I'll make a note and put you in the next newsletter. We cannot put on these parties without our wonderful friends/volunteers and they are very important to us. They usually only work for food or drinks and deserve a big THANK YOU. Let me see how many I can remember and what they did. They are of course listed in no particular order.

First of all we have to thank pardner
Walt. He helped out everywhere and anywhere. He was the night shift so Sheriff Stone could get some sleep. He was the welder on the Brothel Beds. He did the upgrades we mentioned earlier in this newsletter. Countless other items too numerous to mention at this time.

Dean from Sacramento who tirelessly helped fill the water tank, made signs, helped Pat, filmed the Flag ceremony and again countless other projects. He was here days before the party to help us get ready.

Heidi, Mike, Linda (Josephine), Scott, another Linda, Tracy, and Vinny were the main bartenders.

Tracy as the photographer.

Dee and his wife Sharon, Pat, Mark (Wyatt Earp), Heidi, Scott Sr., Jerry, Tracy, Carl and his wife Theresa, the other Linda helped out in the cook shack or washed dishes. Let's not forget Moose and Missy who helped Pat in the Bar-B-Que pit.

Jimmy, Stranger and his two buddies from Sacramento, for helping with the trash each morning.

Chris of Goldfield for the use of a large dumpster.

Honorable mention goes to t
he awning putter uppers.

Cindy (Miss Laudy), from Goldfield who tirelessly helped sell raffle and meal tickets and coordinated many other things plus museum tours.

Jimmy J. Joe Bob the game warden who worked tirelessly all day and night running games and dealing cards.

Red Dog Lil for re-hitching our two couples.

I sure hope I haven't overlooked anyone. If I have please let me know. e-mail

To finish this novel up I will mention that if anyone is interested in coming out to our next party, the 11th annual Wiley Days Independence Day Celebration, just go to and click on the "special events" page.

Don't forget to let me know if you want a copy of the book on Gold Point.

So, till next time we wish everyone- - -and I promise the next newsletter will be shorter- - -

Happy Trails and Sunsets,

Sheriff Stone &/or Red Dog Lil

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